The mentoring of our junior staff (including graduates and summer clerks) is treated with the highest priority and you will be working alongside partners on a daily basis.  Our open plan (and non-hierarchical) office provides an unparalleled insight into our partners’ daily practice.

No other degree or specific knowledge is required.  Although our practice is focussed on corporate and financial transactions, many of our solicitors didn’t study commerce at university and that is not a prerequisite for application.

Although we are seeking applications from those in their penultimate year of study, we welcome applications from any level.

We will be looking for at least 6 summer clerks, but Mayne Wetherell does not recruit by numbers.

Yes, we welcome applications from graduates who are looking to start this year.

Mayne Wetherell does not recruit by numbers.

No, Mayne Wetherell is looking for summer clerks and graduates for its Auckland office only.  While Mayne Wetherell is predominantly looking for summer clerks and graduates who will be involved in transactional corporate and finance work, there are also opportunities for incoming summer clerks and graduates to work solely in tax.

Since the firm’s inception, Mayne Wetherell has offered a graduate position to every summer clerk.  A summer clerkship with Mayne Wetherell is not a summer job; it is the first step in your career with our firm.

Yes, Mayne Wetherell supports and endorses flexible and remote working arrangements (and the partners lead by example in this respect).  Our cutting-edge technology and flexible approach to work means that we can work collaboratively and cohesively whether we are at home or in the office.  We actively encourage our solicitors of all levels to have open discussions about how they want to work – it is important that our staff can fit work around their lives.

Aside from a remuneration package well in excess of the market, Mayne Wetherell offers five weeks’ annual leave per year, a market-leading time in lieu policy and annual wellbeing benefits.  Mayne Wetherell also has a flexible working policy and a generous parental leave policy.

All staff are encouraged to take a day and donate their time to a charity or cause of their choosing.  Through initiatives driven by our solicitors, Mayne Wetherell has supported various organisations including Rainbow Youth.

Mayne Wetherell is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its staff, both mental and physical.  Staff have access to health and wellbeing benefits, as well as trainings focussed on resilience and wellbeing.  We are regularly implementing new initiatives to improve the wellbeing of all staff.  All staff have access to free, unlimited and confidential support and counselling through EAP Services.